A fan named Kate Sumbler from one of the biggest Facebook fan group of Marilyn Manson, ‘Marilyn Manson Cult’, has shared an interesting decision of Marilyn in a recent Facebook post on the group.

According to the Facebook post, Marilyn Manson will not have an opening act for upcoming live show at Aztec Theatre.

Kate has posted the screenshot of a comment which was written on The Aztec Theatre’s recent Instagram post. As you see at the screenshot, a fan called ‘sa_kitty85’ commented:

“Who’s opening for Manson?”

Then, Aztec Thetre responded:

“It’s all Manson all night!”

Kate Submbler commented on that conversation:

“This is interesting, no opener tonight, just MM. I wonder how this might shake up the setlist? Hope some of our faMM there will share later!”

A fan named Andy responded:

“Damn I wish I got to see ONLY Manson perform entire night”

Another fan named Milena said:

“I think this even better”

You can see the screenshot of the entire drama below. Click here for the entire coversation.