On Twitter, Metallica has celebrated 13th anniversary of their most controversial album called ‘St. Anger’, which was released on this day in 2003.

As you can read below, Metallica’s official Instagram account mocked St Anger with this statement:

“Everyone’s favorite album, “St. Anger,” was released on this day in 2003. What’s your favorite song on the album?”

A fan named David Oakes said:

“Everyone’s favourite. Haha. I love it 😆. Most bands are literally incapable of taking the mick out of themselves. I love the album but that’s funny. Fair dos. “

 Another fan said:

“Favorite album?!??? Wouldn’t even make top 100 metal album.”

A fan wrote via Instagram:

” “Everyone’s favorite album” The confidence here today is beyond the sky I see”

Another Instagram user wrote:

“That caption is hilarious. I’ve always loved how honest & self aware you guys are about your successes & mistakes.”

Check out the Instagram post of Metallica below.

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Dirty Window (St. Anger Rehearsals)

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