On Twitter, fans suggested that Van Halen’s iconic vocalist David Lee Roth should have taken the place of the famous TV host, Ellen DeGeneres, on her show after the various allegations against her, including having a toxic work environment.

As you might know, the well-known comedian, TV host, and producer Ellen DeGeneres has been in the target of various allegations about the working conditions in her daytime television talk show, ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show.’

Ellen DeGeneres and her talk show have been under an internal investigation by their parent company following the several interviews given by her former employees. Several people who had worked previously with Ellen accused her of being a cold and inconsiderate boss who created a toxic work culture.

Recently on Twitter, a David Lee Roth fan named Daniel Ralston posted a tweet suggesting that David should have replaced Ellen DeGeneres on her TV show. The fans of Van Halen icon loved the idea of David hosting his own show on TV every day and showed their support in the comment section of the tweet.

Here’s the tweet shared by Daniel Ralston:

Replace Ellen with David Lee Roth.

Another fan nicknamed Pencil supported the idea and commented:

“100% would watch. Diamond Dave is a national treasure!”

A fan named Dale went even further and suggested that David Lee Roth should run for president by stating:

I used to joke that I would vote for DLR if he ran for president. Given what we got now, I totally would.

You can see the tweet posted by the David Lee Roth fan on Twitter below.