Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares remembered the time when their singer Burton C. Bell confused Iron Maiden with Megadeth during a recent interview with Bandbond.

Back in 1995, Fear Factory was touring alongside Megadeth as well as the other bands in North America, and they continued their show in the next year. This time, they shared the stage with Iron Maiden.

Dino mentioned that they had a tradition as a band and they would invite the headliners on stage before getting off and hype up the crowd as they were the opening band for these shows.

As Dino said in the interview, their singer Burton got confused and thought that they were touring with Megadeth even though Iron Maiden was the one that they had been touring with that year.

Burton addressed the crowd at the show before getting off the stage, and he asked if they are ready for Megadeth. However, Iron Maiden was supposed to get on stage, and following his mistake, all the Maiden members started laughing.

Dino Cazares on Burton’s ‘Spinal Tap’ moments:

“There was one time when we were touring with Megadeth, and we did about five weeks with Megadeth in the U.S. And right after the tour, we went on tour with Iron Maiden.

And so every night, we always say on the microphone, ‘Hey, thank you for having us tonight. Are you guys ready for so-and-so?’ which is the headlining act. So we had just got off the Megadeth tour. We went on to the Iron Maiden tour.

And our singer says, ‘Hey, thank you for having us tonight. If you wanna go to the merch table, buy some merch… Blah blah blah… Are you guys ready for Megadeth?’ And we were on tour with Iron Maiden.

And it was really funny because  Steve Harris was standing on the side of the stage and – I wanna say Janick Gers – and they were just laughing at us, they were making fun of us because he had one of those ‘Spinal Tap’ moments…”

You can listen to the full interview below.