Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares joined El Lado Oscuro for an interview during which he talked about the band’s search for a new singer to replace Burton C. Bell.

Burton C. Bell was the only consistent member of Fear Factory for 31 years until his departure in 2020. After singing for the band since their formation, he announced that he left Fear Factory on September 28, 2020, due to internal disputes and the feud between him and Dino Cazares.

Although Burton C. Bell left Fear Factory in 2020, the singer’s vocals appeared on the band’s 2021 album ‘Aggression Continuum.’ Following the release, the band began to search for a new vocalist through auditions. Cazares then decided on a replacement who is known in the metal scene but he hasn’t revealed his identity yet.

In an interview by El Lado Oscuro, Dina Cazares shared his insights on his search for a new vocalist to replace Bell. He said a lot of people contacted him for the position, and he is looking forward to the different chapters this new vocalist can take Fear Factory.

Following that, Cazares said he doesn’t want someone who can’t represent the band’s past. He then added he wants the new singer to have his own musical identity while representing their past efforts, and also to move forward in the future with Fear Factory.

Dino Cazares told El Lado Oscuro the following:

“I’ve had a lot of people around the world contact me regarding the position of singing for Fear Factory, and I look forward to it. I look forward to where this new person can take us — to a different chapter of Fear Factory.

I don’t want to get somebody who can’t necessarily represent the past; I want somebody who can do that. But I also want this person to have his own identity moving forward in the future — just as when we have to step into the past that he’s able to handle that as well as what we create moving forward.”

You can watch the rest of the interview below.