In a recent interview with Razor 94.7, Five Finger Death Punch frontman Ivan Moody explained how he got rid of the alcohol problem. He said:

“Anyone in recovery knows that isolation is the biggest enemy. And being in the industry that we are, I had to isolate myself. I lived on the bus or a hotel room, an airplane. No girlfriends, no family. My kids are everything to me and I never got to see ’em — I missed tons of moments and years. And so the bottle sang back to me, so to speak. It was the one thing that I could guarantee.

“When I was drunk, I knew how my life was gonna end. I planned on it. I was gonna not wake up one day, or go into seizure and die. I was comfortable, because I knew what was gonna happen. And now being sober, I don’t know how I’m gonna go. And that’s a fucking scary thing. And I’ve met a lot of addicts that feel the same way.”

He contiuned:

“I knew I was done during my detox. It took me seven and a half days just to detox. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t go to the bathroom by myself, I couldn’t smoke a cigarette. I had a staff member actually sleep in the room with me for the first 38 hours, just to make sure that I didn’t go under.

I blew a .36 when I went in, which, to anybody who knows anything, means that that was, basically, death. And I didn’t wanna come out of it. I woke up the next day, and I was pissed that I was still alive.

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