Metallica’s lead guitarist Kirk Hammett posted a photo of himself on Instagram showing off with his wavy hair which caused the fans to ask him to convince James Hetfield to grow out his hair again.

As you might know, the iconic frontman of Metallica, James Hetfield has been struggling with his alcohol addiction for a while now. Following his previous experience in rehab, James’s problems emerged again last year which resulted in Metallica’s cancellation of their tour of Australia. James entered an addiction treatment program once again and seemed to be getting better these days.

A few days ago, the heavy metal legend Metallica announced that the new music from S&M2 would be released along with the S&M2 trailer on the band’s Youtube channel. The fans have been looking forward to hearing more of the upcoming album which would be available on August 28, 2020.

Recently on Instagram, Kirk Hammett shared a photo of himself on stage showing off with his cool hairstyle. The fans took the opportunity to ask Kirk to convince James Hetfield to grow his hair out again. James has been using a short hairstyle for a while now and fans seemed to be missing the previous look of the heavy metal icon.

On the caption of his post, Kirk Hammett wrote a comment about his own hair and said:

“Hair Metal?

A fan named Daniel Campuzano wanted him to deliver a message to James Hetfield and wrote:

“Tell James to grow his hair out again!”

The request of the Metallica fan received support from the other fans who wanted to see James with long hair again.

You can see the photo Kirk Hammett posted on his Instagram account below.