Five Finger Death Punk guitarist Andy James opened up about the band’s upcoming studio album during a recent appearance on the Scandalous podcast. While stating he’ll bring a fresh sound to the new record, James said he has a lot in common with the former guitarist of the band, Jason Hook, and he even draws inspiration from his previous solos.

As some of you might know, Jason Hook joined Five Finder Death Punch in early 2009, replacing guitarist Darrell Roberts. The band achieved great success in the following years, including 14 No. 1 tracks and selling 12 million albums worldwide. Furthermore, Hook co-wrote numerous well-known songs such as ‘Inside Out,’ ‘Lift Me Up,’ ‘Coming Down,’ and many more.

The guitarist initially left the band in February 2020 as he was going to miss the remaining shows of the European tour due to health issues. The band members officially announced his departure in October. After being a substitute guitarist for the rest of the band’s tour, Andy James became Five Finger Death Punch’s lead guitarist.

With James on the guitar, Five Finger Death Punch is currently working on their next studio album, which will be released in 2022. During a recent interview, the lead guitarist updated his fans about the upcoming record and revealed the rest of the band’s experiences of working with a new guitarist in the studio.

In the interview, Andy James also opened up about his opinions on Jason Hook and stated that they have so much in common. Being a fan of the band before joining as a permanent member, James said he was well aware of Hook’s playing style. Moreover, the new member admitted this awareness often influences him while playing.

During the interview, James stated:

“It’s gonna be a new process for the rest of the guys in the band, bringing in a new person. ‘Cause, obviously, Jason was a big part of the writing for this band. There are a lot of similarities between me and him anyway.

Ten years prior to even joining the band, I was a fan of Death Punch so I’m well aware of his style and his playing, and I dare say some of that’s even rubbed off. ‘Cause in a lot of modern bands nowadays, there isn’t really a huge amount of guitar solos being played.

When you’re listening to newer stuff that’s a band, say like Death Punch that rose up relatively recently compared to a lot of other bands that might have already had that in the band, I suppose it’s probably one of the only bands I would listen to that probably had guitar solos over some of the more modern stuff I listen to.”

You can listen to the entire podcast down below.