During a recent interview with Blabbermouth, Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory gave new details about their upcoming album.

He basically explained what we can expect from their new album. Here’s the statement:

“Man, so far, this record is gonna be… Holy shit! It’s nasty – some nasty riffs. The vocals are great. Kind of like ‘War Is The Answer’ [2009], ‘The Way of the Fist’ [2007] a little bit.

For some reason, the music is kind of shifting back to that heavier side. And, man, I’m really, really curious to see how it’s gonna turn out, because… Wow! I’m very, very happy with what’s happening.”

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Back on April 15, the band shared a recent video on its YouTube channel and presented the new version of 22-years-old song Blue On Black. The song featuring Queen guitarist Brian May. You can listen to the song below.

The band also made a statement about the song. Here is what they said:

“These brave men and women leave their homes every morning not knowing if they’ll ever see their families again. Yet they make a conscious choice to do so for the greater good, to protect all of us.”

Kenny Wayne commented:

“When Five Finger Death Punch approached me about teaming up with themto do a special version of ‘Blue on Black,’ I was thrilled to do it. When they told me Brantley Gilbert and Brian May were also going to be part of it, I was honored.

This is a powerful collaboration of rock, country and blues artists and a true testament to the commonalities these musical styles share, and I think the fans will appreciate and enjoy it as much as we do.”

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