Five Finger Death Punch’s new album Five Finger Death Punch will be released on May 18. The guitarist of the band, Zoltan Bathory spoke in an interview with WRIF and have told fans about what to expect from their next album. He said:

“You pick any band – let’s say Iron Maiden. Iron Maiden has a sound, and anytime [a new] Iron Maiden [album] comes out, you’re gonna get an Iron Maiden record; it’s never gonna sound anything else but Iron Maiden.

And I think, not to compare us to Iron Maiden, Five Finger Death Punch kind of have a sound; you hear it on the radio and you know it’s us. So we have a sound, and we’re not gonna really go far away from that. We sometimes experiment, but we have a sound.

And for us, it’s always about writing the song – the song is what matters the most to us. If you stick with your instrument and you practice all day, you’re gonna be great at it – mechanically, you’re a good musician. But that’s not songwriting. Songwriting is when you can write a song that becomes the soundtrack to people’s lives.

Music affects you in a certain way; there are songs that you listen to and you know where you were when you heard it the first time. Or what was the summer when this was the song on the radio; you remember those things.

There are only a handful of those songs in the world that have that impact on you: ‘Yeah, I remember, and I know how I felt. I remember how life was when this song was on the radio.’

And if you, in your career as a musician, can write one of those songs, then I think you succeeded, ’cause that’s what matters. Can I write a song that really means something to people? And that’s what it is about. And I think this record has three or four, probably, of the biggest songs we ever wrote, and that’s what matters to us.

When you’re listening to this album, there are some songs that, in my opinion, are just massive songs that are really going to hit some chords with a lot of people.”

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