Five Finger Death Punch bassist Chris Kael has made a recent interview with Heavy 1 of France and revealed his real thoughts on Grammy Awards with really bold words.

As you might check out his full statements right below that Chris claimed that he does not give a fu*k about the Grammy Awards and also indicated that the genre’s being mainstream is not a great thing at all.

Here is what he said to Heavy 1:

“Any of us that are doing this metal thing, we definitely don’t write to get Grammys; it’s just something that kind of happens with the people. I mean, I’m happy as fuck that my buddies from Killswitch Engage were out there.

Mike D’Antonio, he sent me a message while I was out here, and it’s, like, ‘Are you in L.A. tonight?’ I was, like, ‘We don’t get nominated for Grammys, man. That’s you guys.’ So, to have our friends out there doing it, that’s cool with us. But we’re not concerned about awards.”

He continued:

“Our award is every day getting out, playing in front of these people and getting feedback from the fans as far as how these songs are touching people’s lives. We don’t give a damn about an award. We just wanna reach lives and bring as much good and positivity as we can.”

You can watch the whole interview below.

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