Five Finger Death Punch bassist Chris Kael was recently interviewed by No Fuckin’ Regrets With Robb Flynn and talked about his times with Pantera’s Vinne Paul, being the opener of Hellyeah, as well as his roller coaster journey with his cocaine habit and getting sober after all.

As you may already know, Hellyeah is a supergroup that was formed by Chad Gray, Christian Brady, and Tom Maxwell in 2006. The band’s self-titled album was released by them in the same year they were formed and picked at number nine spot on The Billboard 200 List.

In his latest interview with Robb Flynn, Five Finger Death Punch bassist admitted that he still misses the days they were on stage, cooking up stuff, post-show barbecues, and the times they spent together. He also talked about late legend Vinnie Pauls’ first-ever reaction after he told him that he’s planning to start a band with him.

Here is what he said:

“Vinnie Paul, he lived here in Vegas, and I thank Vinnie Paul, for being who he was – because he and I became good friends living here in Vegas, we would always be at all the local shows, always hanging out.

Even if we hadn’t talked to each other – we went to every show here in town, and I never wanted to ask Vinnie Paul for pictures just because he’s Vinnie Paul – you know he’s being asked for it all the time.

Every single time that he saw me, he would [tell a friend], ‘Get over here, take a picture of me and Kael real quick!’ Were it not for Vinnie Paul asking for pictures and having the wants to get all those pictures, I would not have any pictures of me and Vinnie Paul.

So, incredibly thankful that he was the one that took the action to take the pictures and gave me that. I’ve actually got a cymbal of his up on my wall – he used to do this thing called Sunday Funday at his house where he would barbecue, make all the food.”

He continued:

“Everybody’s hanging at the pool, having a good time, and one afternoon he’s there and he disappears for a little while, I’m like, ‘Where’d Vinnie go?’ – because I think he’s upstairs – and he comes down with the cymbal.

This is six months before he passed away probably, but he came down with the cymbal, he’s like, ‘Kael, I want to give this to you because I think you’ll appreciate it.‘ And I’ve put it up in the room up there.

Just for him to be that aware of the appreciation as a fan, I was biting my tongue, fucking freaking out every time I went out with him.

But for him to realize the effect he had on people and to take the time to get those pictures, to take the time to bring that cymbal and realize I would appreciate that, he was always taking care of people – great fucking dude, miss that dude.

We took them out on tour – it was Hellyeah, and he would always do the backstage barbecues. Vinnie Paul out there, with his little apron on, cooking up stuff, post-show barbecues a-la Vinnie Paul and Hellyeah, miss all that stuff.

I love cooking, I’m a grill guy, I learned over the years – and I’m a pretty solid cook, ladies, so come on over whenever you want.”

You can watch the full interview below.

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