American heavy metal band DevilDriver’s vocalist Dez Fafara has posted a recent tweet on his official Twitter account and lighted the touchpaper of an interesting conversation about the post-coronavirus days of the music industry.

Dez Fafara has indicated that the cliches of the gigs and the whole music industry will have to over to stay healthy after the COVID-19 outbreak ends.

However, after the response of the American TV and radio host Riki Rachtman, Five Finger Death Punch star Chris Kael has involved in the conversation and stated that they’ll figure out some way to get more sincere in the future.

Here is what Dez Fafara wrote first:

“Walking into a meet & greet, shaking hands, hugging people, standing close for a picture. #ThatsOvercauseofcovid.”

Riki Hachtman responded:

“Some are grateful there will be less fan contact but people like you & Chris Kael who are very interactive with fans hate what the future looks like.”

Chris Kael chimed in and talked about his anxiety:

“Nah, man. Patience! The immediate future looks bleak, yes. No more hugs (Thankfully! As, since getting sober, hugs from anyone outside of a very small circle give me anxiety)

But, we ALL crave interaction with other humans. We’ll figure it out as we move forward. #ShitYesSon.

You can check out these tweets right below.