The founding member and the bassist of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Flea, posted the photo of a recently deceased protestor, Anthony Huber, on Instagram to mourn after his tragic death during the demonstrations related to the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

As you may recall, last week, Jacob Blake, a 29-years-old Black man, got shot seven times in the back by the police officers in front of his children. The tragic incident happened in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and led to the demonstrations against police brutality across the state.

A 17-year-old white extremist, Kyle Rittenhouse, came to Kenosha armed and killed two protestors, a 36-year-old father Joseph Rosenbaum and 26-year-old skateboarder Anthony Huber. The friends and family of the victims stated that both of them were peacefully protesting racism and police violence without involving in any of the looting or rioting.

Recently on Instagram, Red Hot Chili Peppers icon Flea posted the photo of Anthony Huber and mourned after the tragic death of the young man. On the caption, Flea mentioned the bravery of Anthony standing up against racial discrimination and the brutal treatment of certain police officers in his community. He also urged his fans and followers to say Anthony’s name so his efforts wouldn’t go to waste.

Here’s what Flea stated on the caption of his post:

Love to Anthony Huber, who was gunned down while bravely standing up for love and unity. He has broken through to the other side. Say his name.

You can see the photo Flea posted on his official Instagram account below.