Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman and also the bassist of the band for many years, Flea, has recently posted a photo on his official Instagram account and remembered the days he fell in love with trumpet because of the legendary trumpet maker Dominic Callichio.

As you might already know, when he was just 10-years-old, Flea and his stepfather have moved to Los Angeles from New York to Los Angeles in 1972 and that was the place Flea became fascinated by the trumpet. He has met iconic trumpet master Dominic Callichio after his stepfather invited him to their house for jam sessions.

In his latest Instagram post, Flea paid his tribute to Dominic and revealed how he was over the moon with joy after he sold him a second-hand horn he had lying around.

Unfortunately, Calicchio instruments are no longer produced by the Calicchio family. However, the Calicchio Store moved to the heartland as new owner John Duda renewed the whole company that was forth by Domenic Calicchio.

Here is what Flea wrote in the caption of the post:

“Dominic Callichio was a master trumpet maker, a lifetime of study and practice at shaping metal with his handheld tools to create some of the finest horns ever known. Every day after school I would walk by his shop until I finally built up the nerve to go inside and marvel at the infinite possibility of his creations.

Pictured here, the awesome day when he sold me a second-hand horn he had lying around, (not a Callichio, it was a Getzen). I was over the moon with joy. Later, a Callichio was made for me by his daughter Irma, and it sits in my lap now, warm with the breath of my memories and hope.”

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