Nightwish singer Floor Jansen spoke in an interview with Metal Hammer, and revealed how she was disrespected by audience in a disgusting way.

Here’s the statement:

“I’d get shit from the audience all the time. ‘Oh look, there’s a woman up there.’ In the beginning, I thought it was just part of it. But it soon became, ‘Really?’

They’d either be screaming ‘Slayer!’ or ‘Boobs!‘ ‘OK, we’re not Slayer and I have boobs – very perceptive of you, can we move on now?’

This guy was just constantly shouting stupid stuff at me: *imitates Beavis and Butthead voice ‘Uh, boobs!’ This guy would not shut up. Eventually, I just said: ‘Seeing as you have such a big mouth on you, why don’t you come and tell me all these things to my face after the show?’

Yeah, I picked a fight with that guy from the stage. It worked like a charm. He didn’t say another word. If you want to be that stupid, by all means, do it. But you don’t deserve my attention.”

Click here to source of the statement via Louder Sound.

Back in November 2018, she talked with Heavy Metal magazine, and revealed the difficulties of singing as a woman.

She said that “It was a bit weird that there all of a sudden were girls on stage and the only thing that the men could really do was scream, ‘Boobs!’”. Click here to details.