Flotsam and Jetson frontman Eric A. Knutson spoke in an interview with Chris Peters from Heavy magazine and remembered his first years in heavy metal community.

He said that ‘we were on MCA (record label) for three records and they were grooming us to be their Metallica’. And continued:

They were grooming us to be their version of the metal thing in the scene and we got to a certain point where they’re ready to launch us on the world and then they got bought out by a bigger corporation and all the bands that they had never heard of before they just got rid of. We were one of those bands.

They were grooming us to be something big, [and] then we just got dumped for no reason at the last minute. That was kind of a big, emotional hit for us, I think. It knocked us back down to earth and we had to decide whether we were doing this for the love of music or if we were doing this for the wrong reasons.”

He also remembered the time when he first joined the DOGZ named band and said:

“When I first joined the band, I had never heard of Metallica before and I don’t think they even just put their first record out. It was a completely different world. You didn’t have to be very heavy to be the heaviest thing out there.

Back then and still today, we just do whatever we feel and we don’t worry about whether it’s heavy or too heavy or too light. We just play what we feel and hope that somebody likes it.

You can listen to the entire interview from below. Click here to source of the statement.