The famous actor and metalhead Jason Momoa decided to follow his dreams of becoming a rock musician and started to take guitar lessons just like Johnny Depp who is the guitarist of the band Hollywood Vampires.

The Hollywood Vampires was founded by the rock music icon Alice Cooper, the famous actor Johnny Depp, and Joe Perry from Aerosmith back in 2015. The band’s name was inspired by the drinking club formed by Cooper himself in the 70s which even included The Beatles legends, John Lennon and Ringo Starr, and many more celebrities at the time.

As you might know, the Hollywood star Jason Momoa, mostly known for his roles in ‘Aquaman‘ and ‘Game of Thrones,’ has been showing his interest in the rock and metal music often on his social media accounts. Known as a huge Metallica fan, Momoa has been also sharing his passion with his children by taking them to the concerts and introducing them to the rock music icons.

Recently on Instagram, the bassist and vocalist of Primus Les Claypool shared the photos of his famous guest Jason Momoa visiting his wine cellars in California. As you will see in the photos below, Momoa is taking bass lessons from Claypool and the two enjoyed their time jamming together a little.

On the caption of his post, Les Claypool wrote:

“Jason Momoa came out to visit and we had ourselves a grand ol’ time.

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You can also see the photos Les Claypool and Jason Momoa on Instagram below.