Foo Fighters recently announced that they have decided to cancel their Abu Dhabi show due to some unexpected medical reasons.

After a long break, Foo Fighters announced their return to the stage this summer. They performed at Madison Square Garden on June 20, 2021, but asked for proof of vaccination from the fans, which received some criticism, but the band stressed that they wanted everyone to be safe.

So, it is safe to say that Foo Fighters have been quite cautious regarding COVID-19. Although they strictly followed the coronavirus protocols, Foo Fighters had to postpone their Los Angeles show which was supposed to take place on June 17, 2021, due to a coronavirus case in the crew. They also canceled their 2022 Minneapolis show out of concerns about safety measures.

According to recent news, Foo Fighters also canceled their upcoming concert at the Formula One race in Abu Dhabi. Event organizers refused to give further information about this decision other than stating that Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters were ‘unable to travel’ for the concert.

In an Instagram post, Flash Entertainment announced the sad news by revealing that the concert was canceled due to unforeseen medical circumstances. In the post, they also included a statement from Foo Fighters in which the band sincerely apologized to their fans.

Flash Entertainment’s Instagram post read:

“Due to unforeseen medical circumstances, The Foo Fighters will not be performing at the Abu Dhabi GP Yasalam After-Race Concert on Sunday December 12.

A statement from the Foo Fighters: The band apologizes for any inconvenience or disappointment caused by this unexpected turn of events.

But the historic F1 Finale weekend still goes on with its new moves, vibrant atmosphere, and racing action as we look forward to settling the most intense title fight and crown a champion tomorrow right here in Abu Dhabi.

Stay tuned for further updates.”

On the other hand, the concert promoter John Lickrish told The National that Foo Fighters’ management said one of the band members had to be rushed to a hospital when their plane landed in Chicago. He said the news hit him later on because everything had been set up for their arrival.

John Lickrish told The National the following:

“It was the band’s management telling me that once the plane landed a member of the band had to be rushed to a hospital in Chicago.

My immediate reaction was to see if the person and the band were OK. Then the situation really hit me because the advance team from the Foo Fighters were already here in Abu Dhabi. The show was being set up, even the band’s gear had arrived.

Foo Fighters’ last performance was in Fresno, California, on December 9, and they were planning to end their tour in Abu Dhabi. After the news, organizers stated that Dutch DJ Martin Garrix and France’s DJ Snake would perform at the Formula One race as Foo Fighters’ replacement.