According to the post shared by Foo Fighters’ official Twitter account, their Minneapolis show will be taking place in another venue due to conflicts over the Covid safety measures.

Foo Fighters released their tenth studio album, ‘Medicine at Midnight,’ on February 5, 2021, and it received positive reviews. The three singles had already been released before the album. Actually, they planned to release ‘Medicine at Midnight’ in 2020 but had to postpone it to 2021 due to the pandemic.

The band had recently announced that they will embark on a 2022 North American tour. The North American shows will take place during May, July, and August of 2022. They will initiate the tour in North America in May, but they will be performing in Europe and U.K. in June, and then they will return to North America for more shows after a short break.

Their show in Minneapolis had been set in Huntington Bank Stadium for August 3, and the fans were excitedly waiting for it. Unfortunately, in their recent Twitter post, Foo Fighters announced that they won’t be performing in that venue in Minneapolis due to disagreements on Covid safety measures.

The band stated that their safety measures were refused by the stadium officials, and ensuring the safety of everyone is the most important thing for them. The band informed the fans that they are trying to arrange another suitable place to go on with the concert while ensuring everyone’s safety.

Here is how they announced the canceled show:

“Minneapolis Update:

Due to Huntington Bank Stadium’s refusal to agree to the band’s Covid safety measures, Foo Fighters are unable to perform at that venue. We apologize for any inconvenience and are working on finding a suitable replacement – one that will prioritize the health and safety of everyone working and attending the show.”

You can see the tweet below.