The official and verified Twitter account of Seattle-based rock band Foo Fighters posted a new video today, and they announced the documentary named ‘What Drives Us’ that is directed by the frontman of the band, Dave Grohl.

As you may already know, Dave Grohl has born in Warren, Ohio, United States back in 1969, and he’s mostly known as the former drummer of the legendary band Nirvana. Following Kurt Cobain’s death, Dave founded Foo Fighters in 1984 and they have released more than 10 studio albums with the band.

Today, Foo Fighters announced that Dave was working on his own documentary named ‘What Drives Us’ for some time and the movie was directed by Dave himself. What Drives Us will be released on Friday, April 30th via The Coda Collection and Amazon Prime Video.

According to the official press release, the documentary will guest many legends like Ringo Starr, GN’R members Slash and Duff McKagan, Flea, The Edge, Lars Ulrich, Brian Johnson, St.Vincent, and many more…

Here is what’s written on the tweet:

“What Drives Us, directed by Dave Grohl, will be released on Friday, April 30th exclusively on The Coda Collection in the U.S. and via Amazon Prime Video outside the U.S.”

You can check out the tweet and the teaser below.