Co-founder of Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl, spoke in the recent interview with EW and compared himself with Mötley Crüe bass guitarist Nikki Sixx in a bizarre way.

In the conversation, the interviewer asked Dave if he ever thought about writing a book, and Dave responded that he always thinks about writing, but he felt he wasn’t ready yet.

After this answer, the interviewer compared Nikki Sixx with Dave by saying that Nikki has three books already, and he claimed Dave could release at least one book.

Later on, Dave said that if he tried to release any book soon, it would be a series of encyclopedias compared to Nikki Sixx’s. In this way, Dave mocked Nikki’s writing skills in a funny way.

Interviewer asked:

“You must have been hit up so many times over the last 30 years by publishers — your mom even has a book. Do you think you’ll ever sit down to write a proper memoir?”

Dave Grohl replied:

“Oh absolutely. You know years ago I was at a barbecue and I met a book agent, and he said, ‘Have you ever considered writing a book?’ and I said, ‘Well, of course, someday.’ And he said, ‘It’s really easy — you’ll do four or five hours of interviews and someone else will write it in your voice and it will be great.’ And I thought, ‘F— that!’

I come from a family of writers, and granted I’m a black sheep but I’m not that bad, my God. So I figured you know if I were to ever write a book, it would be in my hand. I’ve considered it for f—in’ years but A, I never had the time, and B, I never felt like I was ready because every day something happens that I’d love to write about, and I’d hate to write sort of a typical autobiography. So years ago I thought, ‘Well maybe it will just a collection of anecdotes — maybe instead of it just being my life in 300 pages it could be just funny stories…”

Interviewer asked:

“Nikki Sixx I think has three books, so you could at least squeeze out one.”

Dave responded:

Oh yeah. It will be a series for sure. Like a volume of encyclopedias.”

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