Former Nirvana star and current Foo Fighters frontman, Dave Grohl, posted a new photo on his new official Instagram page and revealed his proudest moment in which he mentioned Price.

In the statemen Dave Grohl said that three days ago he watched the performance of Prince at the 2007 Super Bowl on his computer and remembered the old days of him. thanks to it.

After he watched this performance, he made a special statement and revealed the importance of this moment. Also, he revealed his real thought about Prince with this statement.

Here’s the continuation of it:

“As my tears hit the keyboard like the Miami rain that night, I realized that this was without a doubt my proudest musical achievement. All of those years spent in my bedroom practicing alone to Beatles records, sleeping in cold, infested squats on winter fan tours across Europe, battering my drums until my hands literally bled… it all paid off at this moment.

I was watching the greatest living performer known to man sing my song to 1000 million people as if it were his own… Volumes have been written about his performance that day, as it truly was the best halftime show in history (sorry, JLO) But to me, I will always remember it as my life’s greatest compliment.”

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