In a recent radio broadcast with ‘Raised on Radio’, Foo Fighters’ well-known frontman, Dave Grohl talked about his favorite songs of The Beatles. The legendary songs such as ‘Hey Bulldog’, ‘I Want You’, ‘Taxman’ appeared on his favorite list from The Beatles.

He mentioned the best ever The Beatles song for him, naming George Harrison’s ‘Something.’

Here’s what Dave Grohl told to the radio host:

“My favorite Beatles song by George Harrison, ‘Something.’ I think that of all The Beatles – of course, each one of them is so entirely different, melodically they’re so different, songwriting, lyrically –

but George Harrison, there was something about him that I almost preferred the most. I loved every single one of them for different reasons but I kind of connected to George Harrison’s sense of melody more than anyone.”

Dave also talked about yet another The Beatles song, ‘Hey Jude’. He continued:

“The first Beatles song I’d ever heard and it might be the first record I ever listened to. I remember having a sleepover at a friend’s house when I was maybe four or five years old and listening to ‘Hey Jude.’ I don’t think I’d ever listened to a rock ‘n’ roll record and this was my introduction and it stuck with me ever since.”

You can listen to full interview below.

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