Former Nirvana star and current Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl hasn’t been using any social media accounts until yesterday. Dave made his Instagram debut and created his first-ever account to share things during self-quarantine.

After sending his first post, Dave shared yet another story on his recent Instagram page and revealed a never-told-before story about his childhood.

After posting that rare story, Dave’s post got almost 15K likes in just one hour. He also chose not to write anything besides hashtags in the caption of the photo.

Here is the story David shared on Instagram:

“I hate fireworks, David!’

My sweet mother stood there scowling and covering her ears behind the patio door as the final squeaks and pops of my Virginia-legal-sparkler-fountain-thing scattered its dying embers across the backyard of my childhood home. This was not the first time I had heard her say these words, of course. She hated those damn things, always did. And I had made a childhood career of indulging in any explosives I could get my hands on. Though, as Virginia fireworks go, this particular little gem was pretty standard fare a few red and green sparks, a little whistle, and a puff of white smoke over in 15 seconds.

No glorious display of pyrotechnics by any means, but sadly this was the closest thing anyone was gonna get to a good old fashioned bottle rocket or firecracker in my suburban neighborhood. You’d have to drive to the North Carolina border if you wanted anything truly adventurous (a trip I had happily made numerous times over the years).”

He continued the story:

“It was another brutally hot and humid 4th of July afternoon. Not so different from any other 4th growing up in Springfield, but this day seemed even too muggy to go downtown with the rest of the dc suburbs and watch the national fireworks display, a tradition for anyone growing up outside of town.

The thought of packing up a cooler, braving traffic, searching for parking, and humping a giant picnic across the mall (as we had done countless times before) didn’t seem so appealing in the suffocating heat. So, rather than battle the masses, my mother, sister and I decided to fire up the grill, put on some music and spend the day together at home as a family. A nice, quiet evening. Or, so we had hoped.”

A follower of Dave named its_chrismaduuude commented on the post:

“I usually don’t like reading but the fact ur willing to tell us stories that fkn badass man 🤘”

Another user, benny.mcge wrote this:

“I’ve learned a lot of morals from you man like for when making music to always put my heart into it, or how to turn heartbreak into a powerful defining moment in my career. Thank you dave. You’re my hero!”

You can check out the post right below.