Dave Grohl, who is a former drummer of Nirvana and the founder of Foo Fighters, revealed a heartbreaking confession about a big problem with himself, during an interview with Entertainment Weekly and shocked his fans.

As you might check out the conversation right below, Dave stated that he had problems with seeing the footage of himself and it makes him insane to watch it.

About this confessed truth regarding his personality, Dave Grohl said:

“It took years and years for me to realize.”

As for the truth that Dave realized many years later; he explained this with his words:

“I don’t like watching footage of myself at all. I remember even before the Foo Fighters started I was on my own in a basement studio recording these songs and never let anyone hear them because I didn’t like the sound of my voice, I didn’t like the lyrics, I didn’t think I was a great guitarist… The list is long.”

According to what he said next, he started to listen to recordings and tried to see how he could make the band better. And he added:

“And it drove me insane – like if we were to play on late-night TV and I’d watch it would break my heart. It took years and years for me to realize, you know, ‘Who am I trying to be? Why am I beating myself up here? It’s the best I can do and that’s that.’”

At this stage, he realized something about himself:

“And I think once I started to relax and realize that one of the most important elements of being an artist is to be yourself, it got better – or at least I felt better, I don’t know if it ever actually got any fuckin’ better.”

With this interview, as one of the rock music legends,  Dave Grohl underlined that the most important thing is to be yourself to be successful, even while millions of people are watching you.

On the other hand, with quarantine, as a person who can barely use technological devices, he stated that he’ll start to perform online, but he seems that he hasn’t solved all the problems about watching his footage. For BBC project that will be filming about an all-star group of musicians, he said:

“…they told me, ‘Just make sure you film yourself in the landscape,’ and of course being the old guy, I don’t even know what landscape is. So I just sent them the up and down version, it was mortifying.”

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