Foo Fighters recently posted a teaser on their official Instagram account to announce the release of their new music video for ‘Chasing Birds‘ and dedicated the song to their cannabis lover fans on International Cannabis Day.

As you may recall, Foo Fighters released their most recent album ‘Medicine at Midnight‘ back in February 5, 2021. The album features nine new tracks by the band and it debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 album chart. Although all of the songs are now available for streaming, Foo Fighters had only released three music videos of their new tracks.

With their recent Instagram post, Foo Fighters announced that they released a new music video for their latest album’s eighth track, ‘Chasing Birds.’ The video was released on April 20, in celebration of ‘weed day.’ The video can be described as trippy or psychadelic and it has already received over 150 thousands views and thousands of positive comments.

Here’s what Foo Fighters said in the caption of their recent post:

“We’re out here ‘Chasing Birds.’ Watch now at link in bio. Happy 4/20, Happy Holidaze.”

You can check out Foo Fighters’ recent Instagram post and watch the music video of ‘Chasing Birds’ below.