During a recent appearance on Radio X, Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins has shared his thoughts about Queen, and he revealed how the band influenced Foo Fighters members.

Taylor Hawkins mentioned that his love of Queen began with the ‘Live Killers’ album in 1979.

Here’s what Taylor Hawkins stated:

“My first Queen record, that I really got into, was the live album, [1979’s] Live Killers, and there’s some amazing drumming on that record.

The live drum solo for ‘Keep Yourself Alive’ off Live Killers, if you listen to a Foo Fighters song called ‘Rope’ [from 2011’s ‘Wasting Light’], there’s these three little drum brakes in the middle, and one of them is directly ripped off the ‘Live Killers,’ ‘Keep Yourself Alive.'”

He continued:

“So I would say ‘Live Killers,’ ‘Keep Yourself Alive,’ the drum solo, which is amazing that they had a drum solo in their very first single.”

Taylor Hawkins also described the members of Queen with the amazing words. He said:

“Let’s see… We have Roger Taylor, a very cool drummer all the chicks loved; we have John Deacon, the very smart studious one, who actually took care of their books for a while, I think.

We have Brian May, the astrophysicist genius who built his own guitar, and then we have Freddie Mercury. I mean, what can you say about that man? He is one of the greatest voices to ever enter into a rock band, and he was just an absolute one-off. There will never be another Freddie Mercury.”

Watch the full conversation below.

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