Former AC/DC bassist Mark Evans spoke in an interview with Metal Rules and explained his thoughts about AC/DC’s future plans with Axl Rose. Meanwhile, can they continue without Brian? He said:

“I don’t think I’m in a position to say to it is right or wrong. My opinion is the same as everyone else’s. Everyone has an opinion.

My point is Angus is the guy who’s made it. He’s the guy that’s been there all along. He’s done every gig. He’s the guy that’s left to do and to carry on what Malcolm and George [Young, early AC/DC producer] did.

He’s earned the right to do it exactly how he should want to do. I think we should respect the opinion if he continues on with it. If he doesn’t continue on, I think we should respect that opinion too. He has the right to make the decision, but me personally, whatever he goes with, fantastic.”

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