Former AC/DC drummer Simon Wright spoke in an interview with Radioactive Mike Z and revealed the story about how he joined AC/DC in 1983.

Here’s the mind-blowing story:

“I was in London. I really wasn’t doing much. I was in a band in London, but we weren’t doing much. Somebody saw an ad in a music paper: ‘Drummer wanted. If you don’t hit hard, don’t apply.’ My friend told me, ‘You hit hard, don’t you? Why don’t you apply?’ So, I applied and I went for the audition.

The audition was with the drum tech and I played three songs and at the end he said, ‘Great, we’ll let you know.’ So, I thought ‘Oh, okay.’ The audition was in a really high-class rehearsal place, so I thought ‘There may be something in this.’ I go home and the phone rings about two hours later and it’s him and he says, ‘Can you come down tomorrow?’ I said, ‘I can’t, I don’t have any money.’ He said, ‘Don’t worry about that. Get yourself in a cab and we’ll sort it out.’ I thought, ‘That’s good. They must have liked what I played.’

I go back down and he meets me in the lobby and we’re walking down the corridor and there are all these flight cases with AC/DC on them and I stopped him and said, ‘You’re kidding, right?’ He gave me this smile and said, ‘No.’ I went ‘Oh, Jesus Christ.’ So, we carry on and the door opens and I go in and meet them and stuff. It was all very low key; there was no fanfare as the door opens — they’re ready to work. I go in and introduced myself and they said hello and stuff and everything.

They asked me what songs I know and I told them a couple and we got to playing and we finished up playing for a little while and they sat down and started talking between themselves and their manager about the upcoming tour and stuff.

I leaned over to Mal [Malcolm Young, guitar] and asked, ‘Does this mean I’m in the band?’ He said, ‘Yeah. I guess it is, isn’t it?’ I couldn’t wait to get out of there and tell my family what happened. My whole life changed after that.

You can listen to entire interview via Soundclound below.