During a recent interview with Eddie Trunk on The Eddie Trunk Podcast, former AC/DC drummer Simon Wright talked about whether he was approached by his former band after Phil Rudd’s conviction, as Wright was the one who replaced him back in 1983 too.

AC/DC is without a doubt one of the most iconic bands of all time, and aside from their music, the band is also famous for its drama. There have been several line-up changes since the band’s formation, one of the most popular ones being related to Phil Rudd whose relationship with the band has been rather turbulent.

Phil Rudd became AC/DC’s drummer back in 1975 but the growing tensions between him and Malcolm Young which escalated to a physical confrontation in 1983, made him get fired halfway through the recording of ‘Flick of the Switch.’ AC/DC held approximately 700 auditions upon which, Rudd was replaced by Simon Right who remained in the band until 1989.

After that, the band hired Chris Slade but Phil Rudd eventually rejoined the band in 1994. Even though everything was seemingly going great, in November 2014, Phil Rudd’s house was raided by the police and he was charged with threatening to kill and possession of methamphetamine and cannabis. Soon after that AC/DC hired their former drummer Chris Slade to fill in for Rudd.

During his recent interview, Simon Wright was asked whether he received a call from AC/DC during the events that occurred in 2014 and 2015. Wright said that he gets that question quite a lot – probably because he was the one to replace Rudd back in 1983 – but that no one reached out to him and that ‘the phone didn’t ring at all.’

He went on to say that although he heard about what was going on within the band, he didn’t expect them to call him and ask him to come back. Wright added that he too, never pursued this because it wasn’t something that he wanted to do as he already has a lot of projects that he’s busy with.

Here’s what Simon Wright said in the interview when he was asked about whether he was invited to the band:

“No, the phone didnt ring at all, no. I get asked that quite a lot. No, it didn’t ring. I wasn’t looking for it, it wasn’t something that I was expecting – and I didn’t pursue it, I must admit.

I did hear some things about what was going on, but to put my thought in it wouldn’t have been cool, so that’s it, that’s the way it goes. They didn’t call. That’s not a problem for me, I’ve got lots of stuff to do.”

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