During a recent interview with ‘The Metal Voice,’ former AC/DC singer Dave Evans has revealed the bold lie which was told by Angus Young.

In one of the rarest interviews of Angus Young, he claimed that he kicked Dave Evans out from the stage when they were performing a live show.

In a recent interview, former AC/DC singer Dave Evans has reacted to the claim of Angus and stated that it was just a joke and totally not true.

Here’s what Dave Evans stated:

“If you met me and met Angus, Angus is half my size, that was just a joke that Malcolm said on a TV show that was not true.”

He also continued:

“It’s going to be a mixture of early AC/DC songs that I did with the band plus a couple of classic Bon Scott tracks and I will be also doing my own material.

You will get the old rock from AC/DC and the brand new rock from my own albums and one or two classic rock songs as well.”

You can watch the full interview below.

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Anywhere in the interview, Dave Evans has revealed a very rare story about Angus Young.

We all might think that Angus Young is one of the co-founder members of AC/DC, but according to Evan’s recent statement; he’s not!

Dave Evans has shared how Angus Young has involved in the band. In addition, Dave also revealed the details of Angus’ audience.

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