The original singer of AC/DC, Dave Evans has shared a recent post on his Facebook page, and he responded to rumors that he is returning to AC/DC with really harsh words.

Dave Evans said that ‘the real essence of the band’ died when AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young passed away in November 2017.

Here’s what Dave wrote:

“Despite reported rumors, I have no interest in returning to AC/DC as the vocalist.

As far as I am concerned Malcolm Young was the inspiration, the driving force and the musical genius of AC/DC since we first formed the band and in my opinion when he died the real essence of the band also died and could never be the same without him.

I do however wish any new form of the band success.”

In a recent appearance on Mexico radio station D99 – 98.9 FM, Evans talked about his future plans. He said:

“Next year is booked out already. I’m working more these days than ever before; it’s incredible, this time of my career. But there are some exciting things, really.

I’ve got a new album coming up early next year. I’m just finishing up my ‘Lightning & Thunder’ Latin American tour right now, and I’ve [played shows in] Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Panama — all over the joint — and I recorded some of it live. It should be released early next year.

It’s being mixed at the moment. But I could be — this is a whisper; I’m talking to some of the boys in my band here in Mexico; my Mexican badasses — but I could be recording an album in Mexico next year, of new [music].

That’s news for you guys. We only just talked about it two nights ago, so this is brand new, hot off the press.”

You can watch the radio show below.

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