Legendary Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan spoke in an interview with Sirius XM and revealed the untold story of how he joined Black Sabbath.

Here’s the interesting story:

“How it started is was just ’cause we got drunk together one night. I went for a drink with Tony [Iommi] and Geezer [Butler], and we ended up under the table. And I can’t remember much more that happened.

But I got a call from my manager the next day saying, ‘Don’t you think you should call me if you’re gonna make decisions like this?’ I said, ‘What are you talking about?’ He said, ‘Well, apparently you… I just got a call. You agreed to join SABBATH.’ So that’s how it happened. I was at a kind of loose end anyway, having just finished with my own band and PURPLE not really being anything viable at the time.

So we set a one-year plan, and it was to do an album and a tour. Nobody knew what was gonna happen, so we pitched up and I pitched my tent, literally, at the old manor in Oxfordshire. And we made an album. I didn’t see much of ’em. They were night people, so they slept all day and worked all night.

I got up in the morning, cooked my breakfast, went to the studio to hear what they had recorded the night before and write a song over it. And that’s how the album was made.”

On working with Tony Iommi, he said:

“Tony is such a great writer. You know what to expect with Tony. There’s no multidirectional approach. He is the father of everything that came out of Seattle, I believe. He’s just very direct, and that’s how he evolved from the early days.

I found it very easy to sing and write songs with [Tony]. And we had a couple of good ones. There was always a narrative. My favorite song from that album is ‘Trashed’, which was a true story about a racetrack and too much drink and spinning a car and crashing it and going upside down. It was exciting times.”

On 6 April 1983, Black Sabbath announced that Gillan had replaced Ronnie James Dio in Black Sabbath.

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