Speaking in a recent interview with Über Röck TV, former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy explains his thoughts about being favorite drummer by so many people. He said:

“I prefer the word ‘favorite,’ I don’t think there’s such a thing as a ‘best’ drummer. Anytime I see these polls or whatever, it’s flattering to be winning them and everything, but music isn’t a sport or competition.

So I prefer the word ‘favorite.’ It’s nice when somebody says that you’re their ‘favorite’ drummer. Okay, that’s okay, ’cause it’s subjective. In any case, it’s flattering. I don’t think I’m the ‘best’ — I know I’m not the best — but it’s nice to be a favorite.”

He also revealed his favorite drummers. He said:

“I don’t have one; I have several. I mean, some of my heroes are John Bonham, Keith Moon, Neil Peart, Ringo Starr, Terry Bozzio, Bill Bruford… The list goes on and on and on.”

Check the interview below.