Ex- Foo Fighters drummer William Godsmith spoke in an interview with The Trap Set with Joe Wong and explained his thoughts about his former bandmate Dan Hoerner.

Alternative Nation has revealed the statement as follows:

“He is the most manipulative sociopathic I have ever met in my life, that’s the truth. That’s the real problem that I’ve had in life, I didn’t have any defense, or I wasn’t adequately prepared to deal with sociopaths. It’s been a real problem.

Dude, I feel embarrassed to say that it was hard for me to actually accept for a long time, I was in high school when I first really had to really come to grips that someone who loved you and cares about you, is supposed to be your friend, will lie to you and deceive you, and look at you in the face and tell you that they’re not doing anything of the sort.

To me, it’s behavior that is so far removed from anything that I could even fathom, it’s not on the table. It doesn’t exist for me, that kind of thing, I don’t understand it.

I didn’t understand how someone else could do that, and I had to learn some hard lessons man, and was very vulnerable when it came to dealing with people who were sociopaths, who will essentially stab you in the back, while giving you a hug.”

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Interviewer asked ‘Is Dave Grohl bad person?’, and Goldsmith stated:

“I don’t know. I think that he mistakes cruelty for humor, maybe sometimes. I think he’s kind of like those kids that were like the bullies that could do every sport better than everybody else.

Everybody really liked them, even though they were mean. He’s kind of like that guy, he’s kind of like the playground bully.