During an interview with GN’R Central, former Guns N’ Roses manager Doug Goldstein talked about Axl Rose and David Lee Roth’s first interaction and revealed that Rose felt so disgusted after their brief conversation that he left Roths table.

As you may recall, back in 1988, a GN’R concert led to the death of two people. On August 20, 1998, two people were trampled to death while Guns N’ Roses were on stage during the Monsters of Rock festival in Donnington, United Kingdom. That event really traumatized the band, but it was even harder for Axl Rose who was already struggling with depression.

Upon returning to the hotel, Axl Rose saw David Lee Roth who was also staying at the hotel and asked Doug Goldstein to introduce them. Rose, asked Roth how he, as a fellow rockstar who’s seven years older than him, deals with things like that. David Lee Roth just turned to Rose and mockingly said that in the UK ’10 people die every time they hold a soccer match,’ so told him to just forget about it cause thatsrock and roll.’

This answer really upset Axl Rose and he felt really uncomfortable with Roth’s insensitive attitude towards the death of two people who had just come to enjoy a show. He told Roth that he doesn’t feel like sitting with him anymore, and Goldstein recalls how disgusted Rose felt when he was going up to his room. Goldstein said that he really regretted introducing them and that he felt embarrassed.

Here’s what Doug Goldstein said about that night:

“I knew during the show [about the deaths], I knew when it was happening, but I didn’t tell the guys, because it crippled Axl. When we got back to the hotel, David Lee Roth was staying there – he was at the bar and Axl said, ‘Can you introduce me to him? I want to talk to him.’

I said, ‘Yeah, sure. Dave, this is Axl.’ ‘Hey man, how you doing? Diamond Dave! Sit down!’ So Axl said, ‘How do you deal with stuff like that when it happens?’ He goes, ‘Aw fuck man, you’re in the UK. 10 people die every time they hold a soccer match. Fuck it! Its rock and roll!’

Axl just said, ‘Really? I’m sorry, I dont really want to sit here anymore.’ He went back to his room. He was disgusted at Dave, and I was kind of embarrassed that I introduced them. To each his own I guess. Everybody has their own way of getting through things.”

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