During an interview with Spin magazine, A&R executive Tom Zutaut, record producers Michael Barbiero and Steve Thomspon, and Guns N’ Roses member Steven Adler talked about the band’s debut studio album ‘Appetite for Destructionand revealed unknown secrets considering the making of the album.

As you know, ‘Appetite for Destruction’ was Guns N’ Roses’s first album and it was released in July 1987 by Geffen Records. The album achieved mainstream success in the following year, after Guns N’ Roses’s tour, and ranked Number 1 on the Billboard 200. It is now known as the bestselling debut album of all time with 30 million copies sold worldwide.

It shouldn’t be surprising that such a groundbreaking record was created in quite an unconventional way. To begin with, during the interview, the A&R executive who signed Guns N’ Roses to Geffen Records, Tom Zutaut, recalled that they would start their sessions around two or three in the morning ‘whenever the band was inspired.’

Steven Adler went on to say that most of the songs on their debut album are ‘first, second, of third takes’ except ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ which was only played once. He went on to say that he believes this is the exact reason why the record did so well because it was raw, ‘real,’ and original.

After that, record producers Michael Barbiero and Steve Thomspon chimed in and talked about the iconic ‘Rocket Queen‘ song. They revealed that Axl Rose wanted to have some pornographic sounds on the record as they could be put over the bridge of the song. As a solution, Rose suggested having sex in the studio.

So, one day he brought a girl, who was aware that their voices would be recorded to be used on a song, and they had sex in the studio. The sound engineer and producer Michael Barbiero recalled that he didn’t want to be around for that recording, so, he set up the microphones and left his assistant to record it. On the record, the assistant Vic Deglio is credited as ‘fuc*ing assistant engineer.’

Here’s what the interviewees said about the recording of ‘Appetite for Destruction’:

“TOM ZUTAUT: The sessions would happen at two or three in the morning–whenever the band was inspired.

STEVEN ADLER: Most of the songs on Appetite are first, second, and third takes – ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ we only played once. I think that’s why the record did so well–it was real.”

And these are the details about the recording of ‘Rocket Queen’:

“STEVE THOMPSON: Axl wanted some pornographic sounds in ‘Rocket Queen,’ so he brought a girl in and they had sex in the studio. We wound up recording about 30 minutes of sex noises. If you listen to the break on ‘Rocket Queen,’ it’s in there.

MICHAEL BARBIERO: I didn’t want to be around for recording a girl getting fucked. That wasn’t the high point of my career. So I set up the mikes and had my assistant record it. If you look at the record, it says, ‘Vic Deglio, fucking assistant engineer.’ So it’s literal.”

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