During the recent interview with Ultimate-Guitar, former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke has shared story of how he fired from GN’R.

He claimed that Gun N’ Roses singer Axl Rose kicked him out of the band and didn’t even tell him.

Interviewer said “You said that all the guys were welcoming of you to the band but in the end, Axl kicked you out of the band and didn’t even tell you” and Gilby responded:

“If there was a negativity about the ending of it, it was just that thing of no real communication. I never heard directly from him. If there was something wrong or something him and I didn’t see eye to eye on, I never got that directly from him.

The people in-between had their own agendas so I don’t think they were really representing him correctly and they may not have been representing me correctly.”

On how he learned Guns N’ Roses songs, he said:

 “The playing part no but what was tricky and challenging was if you really listen to Guns’ music, what’s unique about it is every time the solo section comes the rhythm part and the music underneath it is a complete different part of the song. In most songs, people solo over a chorus or a verse but not in Guns, man.

It’s kinda like that Aerosmith thing where it was a complete new part and there were times in my head [chuckles]—and you gotta understand I learned 50 songs in a week—there were a couple of jumbles in my computer in my head. “Is this rhythm part the one that goes to that song?”

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