During a conversation on Action Figures, the current Sixx:A.M. and former Guns N’ Roses guitarist, DJ Ashba, discussed the secrets behind his successful rock career and advised young musicians to diversify while staying focused on their goals.

As you may recall, back in 2009 Guns N’ Roses hired Ashba as their lead guitarist to fill in for Robin Finck. He remained in the band until July 2015, which is when Ashba announced that he needs to fulfill his commitments towards his family and that he wishes to concentrate on his career with Sixx:A.M.

Having had such a successful career in the music scene to the point of deciding to leave a band as iconic as Guns N’ Roses, in his interview, he was asked about the secret behind this success and whether he could give any advice to young artists. Ashba said that they should definitely diversify, but also stay focused on their primary aim.

However, he said that diversifying is important because ‘when that rollercoaster comes down’ and it eventually will, then you should have other plans to stay on your feet. For example for him, it’s media and graphic design which he describes as ‘consistent.’ After that, he went on to stress the importance of financial freedom.

For Ashba, financial freedom can only be acquired if you work hard enough and it cannot be achieved by working nine-to-five. Nonetheless, he also explained that for him, financial freedom has little to do with doing something for the money. It is more like working while feeling that you’re just doing something that makes you happy. That’s when you know youve got it right.

Here’s what DJ Ashba said in the interview:

“Honestly, the best advice I could give you is – diversify. Put your eggs definitely in that basket and when you’re in that basket, you give it a 100%, you stay focused on that, but definitely diversify.

Because if I hadn’t gone into media and different things that I don’t even really talk about too much, I mean, when that rollercoaster comes down, which it eventually will – hopefully, the other roller coaster in your life is on and up, and it kind of does this through your life, so one helps the other.

When you go out and you put out albums and stuff, all of a sudden your clothing starts shooting up, and everything starts shooting up, but you always have that one thing out there, the media that’s pretty damn consistent, and that’s just my life. But find your own baskets, and just focus on those.”

He went on to say:

Financial freedom or being your own boss is not a nine-to-five, that’s what I’m saying. You want to work nine-to-five that’s cool, but most likely you’re going to be chasing your tail and struggling with bills and looking at price tags, but if you’re willing to literally work from the morning till you can’t stay awake any longer, you can get a lot more done in life, and that’s where you’re going to find your financial freedom.

But you cant do it for the money. You got to do it, it has to be like this place, you come here and it doesn’t feel like work, it should never feel like work. If it does, you’re doing the wrong thing.”

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