In a recent interview with Metal Talk, former Journey drummer Deen Castronovo has shared the one band he wants to play drums for.

Actually, he has revealed his musical bucket list and said:

“I would love to play drums on a Stone Sour record, but I love Roy [Mayorga]. I love Corey Taylor — I think he’s a genius. The man is just brilliant, in my opinion. Great songwriter, awesome poet. I love Slipknot to death, and I’ve always loved Stone Sour. I’m a huge fan, so I would love to work with him if I could.”

On his relationship with Journey guitarist Neal Schon, he said:

Neal found me; he discovered me in a little rehearsal place in San Rafael. I’ve always been tight with him. Even when all this went down, he always checked on me… We’ve always kept in contact, so I’m very loyal to him. Even though he had to do the tough love thing, he never gave up [on me].

I respect Neal for that. He’s my big brother, and I’d do anything for him… I always wanted to be in JOURNEY. I had two bands I wanted to be in when I was young — KISS or Journey. KISS, I look like crap in spandex, so we know that wasn’t going to happen.

Journey was my [other dream], because I love Steve Perry, and I love what Smith brought to the table. To be able to fill that seat for 17 years was an honor.

Now he’s back where he belongs. He needs to be there. That is his band. I warmed the seat, but that’s his gig. He deserves it. He’s original — he’s the best.

You can listen to the entire interview from below.