In a recent interview with Greg Prato, former Judas Priest guitarist K.K Downing compared late Queen singer Freddie Mercury and Judas Priest’s Rob Halford.

Asked who he thinks pulled off the “leather biker look” better, Mercury or Halford, K.K Downing said:

“Definitely Rob. Actually, that’s probably one of the best questions I’ve ever been asked. Because both of the guys, obviously being gay and both obviously having donned the leathers — which is par for the course — I think the difference was it became Rob’s ultimate and permanent image.

Whereas Freddie did it for a bit of fun, I think. But [it is] a fun question — I like that a lot. Definitely Rob looked like the epitome — as I hope we all did, together, when we all eventually got into the leather gear — of an archetypal heavy metal band.”

The interview made for Greg Prato’s latest book “Long Live Queen: Rock Royalty Discuss Freddie, Brian, John & Roger”. The book was released on September 18 via Da Capo Press.”

Two weeks ago, K.K Downing has shared his thoughts on Judas Priest’s latest album “British Steel” and said:

“I get asked this quite a lot, and it’s so difficult — it is really difficult. But I think, if I can just elaborate a little bit on that, I think I’ve got to go with ‘British Steel’. I’ve got to do that, because I think that that was the album for Judas Priest that consolidated everything.

Because it was the first album that Judas Priest was completely… had the leather-and-studs look. Everything on that album is quite complete for Priest. I think just prior to that album, it was just myself and Rob[Halford, vocals] that were kind of wearing leather and stuff, and then suddenly, thankfully, it just came together.”

You can listen entire interview from below.