During a recent discussion with Eddie Trunk, Judas Priest former guitarist and co-founder K. K. Downing discussed Megadeth’s former bassist David Ellefson’s recent sex scandal and said that the reaction would’ve been different if this had happened in the ’70s and ’80s.

You must have heard about the most recent metal scene scandal involving Megadeth’s bassist David Ellefson who was known for his good reputation which got crushed following the leak of his sexually implicit video. Millions all over the world slammed Ellefson as the interaction had taken place with a girl who was underage and the fact he has been married since 1993 made matters even more complicated.

While Megadeth fans expected to see how the band and in specific Dave Mustaine would react to this news, they were shocked to hear that Ellefson has been fired from the band. While some backed up Ellefson, especially after the second party released a statement and made it clear that she was not underage and was ‘always a consenting adult,’ others criticized the bassist harshly due to her young age.

As you may recall Downing and Ellefson had performed together back in late 2019 and the duo seems to have a close relationship. During a recent conversation with Eddie Trunk, Downing said that he texted him after the scandal and told him that he’s there for him. Then, he went on to say that Ellefson has always been a gentleman and the guy who’d always hang out with the fans and appreciate everyone showing him love.

Downing added that the backlash wouldn’t have happened if this news surfaced in the ’70s and ’80s because ‘it would have just been put down to rock ‘n’ roll.’ He supported this statement by saying that this has happened with numerous people, ‘especially men’ who have more ‘weaknesses’ and that the reason why he was criticized so much was that he was open about it.

Here’s what K. K. Downing said during the interview:

“Dave and I, every now and again we’re in touch, and, obviously, I did send David a text saying, obviously, ‘You’ve got a lot of friends around the world.’ And he does. He’s not just liked – he’s actually loved. Because he’s such a gentleman. He gives time to… I prided myself in Priest, I really felt I was the one guy that was the very last person to hang out with the fans and just socialize and all of that.

But David is exactly that person – he really is – and everybody says that about him. What happened – and I talk about it with other journalists and things like that – if this had happened in the ’70s or the ’80s, it would have just been put down to rock ‘n’ roll.

He’s no different from anybody else. We’ve all got strengths, and we’ve all got weaknesses, especially as men, I’m afraid. And so many have kept the doors closed where David messed up and left the door ajar, but he’s no different to anybody else. So, I wish him well and everything, and I know that he will, obviously, come back, because he’s so good.”

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