During in a recent interview with Eon Music, former Judas Priest guitarist K.K. Downing has shared a story about their ‘most American album’ called “Turbo” which released in 1986.

Here’s the story:

“We were on a high, and the band was flying. There was so much going on. It was crazy. I can remember being left in Florida to finish up the mixing of the ‘Priest Live’ album, and Glenn got on a plane and he and Rob were jetting off to do other things that needed to be done. It was the point where we couldn’t even think as a band anymore; we’d have to like, split up [into factions]; we were so busy doing so many things.

But yeah, wonderful days. There were so many shows coming through everyone’s town. In those days we would do two to three months touring major cities, then we would go back out again for a couple of months, playing in Little Rock, Arkansas; Biloxi, Mississippi, in the secondary markets, but that all seems to have gone now. “

Interviewer said “A surprising thing followed that period, in that it 1988 you went into the studio to record three tracks with pop production team Stock Aitken Waterman. ” and Downing responded:

“First of all, I’ve got to say, I don’t have the songs. I did have them, but where they are, I don’t know. But I can remember that, and it was just by association, really. Bill Curbishley, our manager knew Pete Waterman very well, and he invited him over to, I think we were in the studio in Denmark [recording ‘Ram It Down’].

Pete flew out, we met him, and the suggestion was that we’d do a few tracks with Stock Aitken Waterman, because exciting things can happen in music, and everything’s worth a shot, and we gave that a shot! So, we had a break from the studio in Denmark, and before we went back there we flew to Paris and the studio was booked, and we went in there with the guys who were seriously professional.

Those guys were absolutely at the top of their game, there’s no doubt about it, and their pre-preparation for us to walk in there and record what we did, was exemplary, really. Everything was prepared, it really was, so that helped us to do the recordings very quickly and efficiently. We did play a lot of table tennis in between. Those guys are pretty good table tennis players – not Pete, but Stock and Aitken were! So it was a good memory, really.”

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Two days ago, speaking to Sirius XM’s Trunk Nation, former Judas Priest vocalist Tim Ripper Owens talked about K.K Downing’s recent book called “Heavy Duty: Days And Nights In Judas Priest”. He has defended K.K. Downing and said:

“If you want a book, you tell all. I was around. I know what Ken’s talking about. So it’s not like he’s fabricating stuff. People keep saying that’s all he talks about [in interviews promoting the book]. No, he’s not. People are interviewing him and asking him about the book. He’s answering the questions that people are asking.

It is what it is. I was there. I saw things happen. I saw how it ran. I saw how the band ran. And I’m not complaining about it; I was treated great. But I did see how it was run. And from what I see, he’s not lying about stuff; he’s just telling the truth.”

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