Former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley had a recent interview with Rock 100.5 the KATT’s No Brown M&M and revealed what’s his thoughts of KISS’ ‘End of the Road’ tour, details on his upcoming cover album “Origins Vol. 2,” and performing in Oklahoma.

Ace Frehley said that when he was in the band, they used to do three nights at Madison Square Garden but without him, they didn’t sell out MSG.

Here is his statement:

“I don’t understand. I’ve offered my services, and they just haven’t made the decision to bring me back. And that’s okay, because I’m having a lot of fun as a solo artist. But I also am concerned about the fans as well.

I wanna give the fans the biggest bang for their buck, and they’re not getting it at this juncture. They’ve had this lineup with Tommy and Eric for 15 years, and they announced they were doing the ‘End Of The Road’ tour, and that it was gonna be bigger and better than anything they’ve ever done in the past, and they gave the impression that maybe me and Peter might be involved, and this and that.

Then they just come out and pretty much do the same set they’ve been doing for years. So I don’t know. It is what it is. I do my thing, and Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons are doing theirs.”

You can listen to the whole podcast below:

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