KISS star Vinnie Vincent has made an unexpected announcement on his official website and revealed that he decided to sell his ‘Autographed Merchandise Pack.’

As you might remember, Vinnie Vincent joined the band in 1982 and replaced Ace Frehley. He became the lead guitarist of the band and played six of nine songs as a lead guitarist on the ‘Creatures of the Night’ album.

During the ‘Lick It Up’ tour, Vinnie was having disputes over his role on the band and the payments. Afterward, the band decided to kick Vinnie because of making crazy demands, and they part ways with him after the North American leg of the tour.

After seeing this update from Vinnie, most of the fans started questioning Vinnie’s wealth status and wondered if he is facing money problems or not.

In the pack, there are three CDs, one DVD, two patches, four t-shirts, and three posters. Vinnie priced this pack as $9.4K, which can be purchasable from his official website.

Here is the list of Autographed Merchandise Pack:

    1. Vinnie Vincent Invasion CD
    2. Vinnie Vincent Invasion – All Systems Go CD
    3. Vinnie Vincent Invasion Double CD Set
    4. Vinnie Vincent Invasion DVD – Rock and Roll Heaven Live
    5. Guitarmageddon Guitars Catalog.
    6. VVI Patch
    7. VVI Patch
    8. Advertisement – Vinnie Vincent Pro Tone Pedals
    9. Vinnie Vincent T-Shirts (4 Shirts New) Autographed
    10. Vinnie Vincent Live Poster (Merry Metal Christmas)
    11. Days Of The Dead Show Poster
    12. Chiller Theater Live Poster

Click here to reach the official website of Vinnie Vincent.