Former Megadeth guitarist Chris Poland spoke in an interview with As The Story Grows and revealed unheard story about how he fired Megadeth. He said:

“When I got my ‘[Return To] Metalopolis’ deal with Enigma, it was originally on Capitol Records, but Dave [Mustaine, Megadethmainman] — he kept asking me to join Megadethagain. I actually was 99 percent going to join Megadeth, and then Janie[Hoffman], who was managing me, for two days, she told me, ‘If you join that band, you’re going to die.’ I’m totally sober [at that point], and I’m not 100 percent sure that they are.

She said, ‘If they’re not sober, and you join the band, you’re not going to make it.’ The first time I met her, I was coming off the bus going into the Santa Monica Civic Center to do a gig. She looked at Andy Somers, our agent, and said, ‘He’s going to be dead in a month.’ And something happened. All of a sudden, I just hit bottom.

After the firing, which was basically, I was late for a Megadeth meeting — I couldn’t get a ride. I didn’t have a car. I couldn’t get there. I finally get there. Dave’s gone, so I can’t get my $200 per diem, so I had no money. I call him up on the phone, I said, ‘Dave, I couldn’t get a ride. I’m here now.’ He goes, ‘Well, I don’t care. You’re not getting paid.’ I said, ‘You know what, man? Why don’t you fire me?’ I said, ‘Oh, wait, I know why you won’t fire me — because I don’t think there’s anybody that would put up with how you treat people.’

We had a big blow-out, and two days later, I get a letter at my girlfriend’s house saying, ‘Your services are no longer needed, and have a good life.’ I was like, ‘Whoa!’ That’s when I hit bottom, about a month after that. I had no money; I was totally in a bad place; I finally just called home, and the rest is history.

[Years later,] Janie finally said, ‘Hey, man, you just got yourself a [record] deal. You have a deal to do what you love doing. Why are you going to do that?’ I said, ‘You know what? You’re right.’ I’m not saying she talked me out of it, but she was the voice of reason. I thought, ‘There’s a chance it could happen, that I could start using again.'”

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