Former Megadeth members Marty Friedman, Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover talked in an interview by Billboard and revealed their thoughts on Metallica’s classic album “Master Of Puppets”.

Marty said:

“I was a Metallica fan from the day I heard their first demo, but when ‘Master of Puppets’ came out, I went from being a fan to realizing just how ‘big league’ metal could be done, and presented to the mainstream while still sounding underground as hell.

I was in awe of how they did that then and continue to admire their sense of always doing the absolute coolest things that could possibly be done in the world of metal – which is quite a feat in a genre with so many self-imposed limitations.”

Chris Broderick’s statement:

‘Master of Puppets’ has always been my all-time favorite thrash metal album! From it’s terrifying riffs like ‘Master of Puppets‘ or the ominous classical guitar at the beginning of ‘Battery‘ this album makes a huge statement about the aggressive musical scope Metallica has.”

Shawn Drover commented:

“After Metallica released ‘Ride the Lightning’ back in 1984 it quickly became one of my favorite heavy metal records.

At the time, the song ‘Fight Fire with Fire’ was probably the heaviest song written and the entire record was crushing, so when I went to buy ‘Master of Puppets’ in early 1986, I was really excited about blasting this on my stereo at home.

Of course, being a real metal fan, I bought the record the day it was released and I recall thinking, ‘Can this record be as great as ‘Ride the Lightning’ was??!!’ And of course it was and is! Every song on that record stands on its own and more importantly, has stood the test of time to now be an all-time classic heavy metal record.

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