Former Metal Church vocalist Ronny Munroe talked about the passing of Mike Howe during a recent appearance on The Metal Voice.

Mike Howe joined Metal Church through the end of the ’80s, but the band disbanded in 1996. Two years after, Metal Church reformed once again but they hired Ronny Munroe as the new frontman of the band. However, the band disbanded and reformed twice through 2015 during which Mike Howe joined the band as a lead singer and continued to play with the band until he tragically passed away last week.

During a recent interview, Ronny Munroe stated that the passing of Mike is totally a tragedy and showed his frustration about the passing of the late singer. As Ronny said, Mike was a sweetheart and he never heard anything bad about him.

Furthermore, Ronnie mentioned that there are kids that Mike left behind and wished his family the best for the future. Then, he also sent his condolences to Mike’s family and prayed for his soul.

Ronny Munroe on Mike Howe’s passing:

“What a tragedy. Quick story: I met Mike and hung out with him one time, I think it was in 2006. He came out to Reno, Nevada and we shared the stage and we did the song ‘ Date with poverty’ together.

After the gig, we all went to a club, had some drinks, sat, and talked shop. He was a sweetheart. I never heard anyone say anything bad about the guy. What a tragic loss.

You never know what is going on with people, I feel really bad, I know he has a couple of sons and that is devastating. I wish his family the best and I send my condolences out to all of Mike’s family, friends and fans”

You can listen to the whole interview below.