Ex-Metallica bass guitarist Ron McGovney posted a series of tweets on his Twitter account responding to a recent article about another former Metallica member Dave Mustaine‘s thoughts on ‘Kill ‘Em All’ album and corrects a wrong information James Hetfield gave.

As you may remember, Ron McGovney was the original bassist of the legendary thrash metal band Metallica. McGovney had been a member of the band only for a year until he left in 1982 and replaced by Cliff Burton. His short time in Metallica involved continuous disputes with the band’s drummer Lars Ulrich and guitarist Dave Mustaine.

Recently, Ron McGovney posted several tweets to show his reaction to a recent article about former Metallica member and current frontman of Megadeth, Dave Mustaine. According to the article, Megadeth bassist David Ellefson claimed that Mustaine was not happy when he first heard Metallica’s debut album ‘Kill ‘Em All.‘

‘Kill ‘Em All‘ was released by Metallica 37 years ago on July 25, 1983, and regarded as a groundbreaking work for thrash metal music. However, up until the release of the album, the band had to say goodbye to two of its members, Ron McGovney and Dave Mustaine. McGovney was replaced by Cliff Burton and Mustaine was replaced by Kirk Hammett.

In his response to the article, McGovney pointed out the wrong information that James Hetfield previously stated about the amount of time that Dave Mustaine was a Metallica member. Even though Hetfield claimed it was only 11 months, Ron stated that Dave was in the band for way more than that. He also added that he, himself, was a member for more than a year unlike what it said in the sources.

Here’s what Ron McGovney stated in his tweet:

“Dave was in the band for way more than 11 months. I was in the band for more than a year.”

Additionally, McGovney reacted to Lars Ulrich’s claims about the fact that there were ‘half a dozen other people that were in the lineup’ in the early days of Metallica. Ron wanted Ulrich to name these other musicians since he thought there were not many people who contributed to the band in the beginning as he or Dave Mustaine did.

Here’s what McGovney wrote about Lars Ulrich’s previous statement:

“And please name the other half dozen that were band members in the beginning. I’m waiting…”

You can see the tweets Ron McGovney posted on his Twitter account below.